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Critical Liebert Air Support Services

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Experience increased reliability and performance with industry-leading Climate Support Group.

We understand the challenges of maintenance costs, unpredictable budgets, and downtime. Which is why we’re committed to serving our clients with on-demand critical support services from planning to execution.

Our Critical Liebert Air Support Solutions

Professional Assessment

Improve your system availability, discover gaps in your power and cooling equipment, and decrease energy costs with our professional assessment services. We’ll evaluate your current environment and create a comprehensive report to help you make informed decisions.

Engineering & Design

Our professional engineers support your complex infrastructure with designs that scale with you. For optimal deployment and performance, we’ll evaluate your configurations and recommend strategies to keep you up and running.

Climate Support Group Data Center ServicesOn-Site Parts & Procurement

As your critical support partner, we carry various parts available for immediate pickup or shipping.

Our inventory contains diverse offerings for our clients including racks and cabinets, UPSs, switchgear, monitoring solutions, and more. While we carry ample inventory to support the manufacturers we represent, we can also order and procure parts and drop-ship as quickly as possible.

And as your critical support and data center needs evolve over time, we promise to continue to expand and provide state-of-the-art products and equipment.

For more information, contact Larry Taylor at our Cincinnati office at 513-489-1100 or Willie Stinson at our Louisville office at 502-267-4696.

Performance Optimization

Achieve maximum performance while lowering operational costs with our performance optimization solutions. Our team of professionals has a deep understanding of products, application issues, and system performance.

Whether you’re upgrading your facility or need to rent a temporary UPS, CSG has you covered.

24/7 Support

Our local expert technicians offer 24/7 support services. We’re trained and experienced with a variety of critical products to keep your facility up and running at all times. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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